This is Alp here.

I got bitten by the irremediable watch bug more than 10 years ago (2009-2010) as a tweeny, and I have been reading and writing about watches ever since. This curiosity of mine took me through the usual circle of watch fanaticism, from Rolex to high-end modern, to vintage to independent… However, within all these years, there happened to be one brand that stood out to me the most. Long story short, for many reasons that have already been and are going to be explained in this blog, I have developed quite an affection towards A. Lange & Söhne.

In my country, there is not much of a Lange presence – or watch collecting presence much in a way that I enjoy; away from trends, focusing on craft, design and engineering. So, simply looking ways to engage with more like-minded enthusiasts, collecting my modest knowledge on the brand and sharing it with the community, I created the Instagram account @Langepedia while I was a freshman in the university in 2016.

In time, thanks to you – the passionate enthusiasts, Langepedia account grew to be the referencial A. Lange & Söhne page on the medium. Though I am extremely happy with the community I have been part of there, since Instagram has character limits on each post, for some time I was looking for a more spacious area to create an encyclopedia. Alas, over the years I could not have the time to start such initiation. Yet, there is an opportunity in every crisis and due to Covid-19 quarantine, my desire finally came into fruition.

As you might be aware that the biased or paid reviews are one of the very-well known pain of the watch websites scene – raising questions as how can a reviewer or a journalist can be completely objective if the website’s life is dependant on the products it reviews? Even though we have only a handful such as SJX who I am a big fan of, I wanted to step up to the scene, to offer a solution to a pain which I’m suffering too. Set on this, I wanted to do my part for the community to reach an organized source on A. Lange & Söhne – which I define as an objective encyclopedia.

I assure you that this website is a completely personal initiative and under no circumstances connected to the mentioned company – and it is always going to stay as such.

Please feel free to reach out to me for your suggestions, questions or simply for conversation; either via my Instagram or through [email protected]

Thank you very much.

A big thanks to my @Langenation brothers and friends Manuel, Matthieu from the watch community who offered their help to build this website and for their invaluable friendship.

Thank you very much tidssonen.no for the shout-out! The link is in Norwegian: